Corporate Governance
The following addresses the primary matters relating to the corporate governance practices of (Golf), Inc as required or encouraged by the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Independent Functioning of the Board
The Board of Directors believe that there are a number of processes in place to assist the performance of the Board, independently of management. The Board is fifty percent of unrelated directors. The Audit Committee Chairman is an unrelated directors. A significant number of agenda items are mandatory and recurring. Board meetings are scheduled at least one full year in advance. Any director may call a meeting of the Board or a meeting of a committee of which the director is a member. Regularly, the unrelated directors hold meetings in the absence of the related directors.

Board Expectations of Management
The Board expects management to propose and, after Board approval, to execute the Company's strategic direction, long-term plans, goals and targets. The Board also looks to management to be accountable for the Company's financial and competitive performance. It also expects management to provide the Board with timely, complete and accurate information on the business operations of the Company. It also calls for management to provide for the development of senior executives and to plan for their succession. The Board is responsible for supervising the management of the business and affairs of the Corporation. The Board fulfills its obligations and executes its responsibilities by preparation for attendance at regularly scheduled meetings and through its committees. At meetings of the Board, directors receive and review reports, prepared by management, on the business dealings and financial performance of the Corporation. The Board oversees major corporate plans, including strategic plans, plans for management development and succession, and plans for business development. The Board examines the integrity of internal controls, management information, and systems to distinguish the principal risks to the Company's business.